Sunday, January 11, 2009

nino mentiroso

On Friday after my last class I walked down Avenue Corrientes which is an Avenue known for all the bookstores that are along it. I stopped into a couple trying to find my first Spanish children's book that I read, "!Charlie Gallina Ciega!". I couldn't find it so I bought book filled with multiple children's stories (12 pesos). I flipped through the pages and thought that the text was around my level of Spanish.

At 4pm I met with my tutor. I told her that I didn't want to learn anything new since I learned Spanish for 4 hours each day this week, but instead I just wanted to speak for our 1.5 hours together. To ensure that she didn't write anything down (which she loves to do (the teacher in her)) I suggested that we go to the Botanical Gardens for my lesson.

We sat on my favorite bench and went over some of the material from my class and then I suggested that we read some of the book that I just bought.

As we opened it up and I read the table of contents I started laughing. The book I bought is filled with children stories to tell your child if they have problems.

There are stories to tell your children if they are a: lier, violent, have no friends, stutter, kleptomaniac, hyperactive and more.

I read "Nino Mentiroso", the story of the little lying queen where everything in her world is reverse.

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