Sunday, January 11, 2009

movie night

Friday night a friend and I watched a movie at my apartment. We went out and rented an Argentine film, 6 pesos ($1.73) and bought a liter of beer 4.85 pesos ($1.40).

When we came back to the apartment we had hopes of ordering from our favorite Mediterranean place that we discovered together. When we called, we sadly found out that they were all out of the chicken and rice that we wanted. So, we started sifting through the menus that are at my apartment. I found myself getting so angry at the lack of diversity of food. Pasta, pizza and empanadas, nada mas (nothing more), oh, Chinese too. We ended up going with Japanese which I thought was pricey and I ended up not being enthusiastic about. Stir-fry with shrimp was 25 pesos ($7) and just ok tasting.

We watched the Argentine film "La suerte esta Echada" in Spanish with Spanish subtitles. It was really good. I was able follow too. I didn't understand everything...well not even close, but I was able to pick up enough Spanish to enjoy the film.

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