Friday, January 9, 2009

eating on the go

The other day I finally made it to the grocery store. I let myself buy the ($3) bread instead of my normal ($1) loaf of bread. Big spender right?? I also bought a brownie (a deep craving for chocolate). On my way home from the supermarket, which is only 3 blocks, I wanted to eat the brownie so bad. The thing is, nobody eats 'on the go'. I don't see people eating on the street, in the car, on the subway. Even drinking coffee. I have yet to see the morning rush crowd holding their morning cup of joe.

I try to blend-in and not stick out, but the craving took over me. I ate my brownie while walking! Rebel... I know I know. It was so good that I didn't see people staring.

When it comes to eating and / or drinking coffee, Argentines make the time for it. They make the time to sit and enjoy their food. They actually make a lot of time for it. Its really nice.

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