Saturday, January 17, 2009

my first tango

well, it's not technically my first tango, but it was my first tango in buenos aires.

so, around 7pm last night (friday) my friend and i hopped on a colectivo (bus). the club was around 10 blocks away. normally i wouldn't mind walking, but the air was hot (for me to say it's hot, you can only imagine how hot it was). when we arrived, we met a friend of hers outside the club.

the club was like a fire hall /VFW sort of place. it was a large building, presumably where you can hold parties if you're part of the club. we went downstairs to the basement area. it was huge. there were many tables with colorful table clothes set up along the edges of the room. we paid 15 pesos and then we found our other friends immediately. there were 3 argentine guys, a french girl, another american girl and me.

lessons promptly started. the instructors made a 'chair barrier' to split up the levels; beginner, intermediate and advance. us beginners just learned the basic step. i had a lot of trouble with it, but eventually got it by the end of the night.

one guy i danced with didn't speak any english but i wasn't able to both speak spanish AND dance. I thought it was funny how my mind can only concentrate on ONE difficult thing at a time.

i had a fun time, but i didn't have the same 'love at first sight' with tango. i remember my first time salsa dancing; i wanted it so so badly. i got frustrated so quickly but i kept wanting to try try again. with tango. i'm glad i went, i'm glad i did it, but once the class was over i didn't want to 'get out there'.

later in the night they had professional tango dancers give a performance. the dance is very beautiful to watch, it's just that there is no chemistry between me and tango.

sorry tango, it's not you it's me.

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Janis said...

It's probably better that tango isn't for you. Those who dabble with it soon find themselves arranging their lives around their dance time and shopping for tango clothes and shoes. If it was meant to happen to you, it would in BsAs.

My life would be boring without tango.