Saturday, January 31, 2009

let's roller

two nights ago my neighbor, who has a balcony the same level as me, talked my ear off. it started when the cat i'm watching tried to go to his balcony to see his cat. after we broke up the two kitty love birds, he talked talked talked talked. i think he was using me for my english quite frankly. (he's an argentine but he's teaches english).

he kept saying things that i would 'never' say. should i have corrected him? for example. he likes to sail, so i told him i once went sailing in washington d.c. and he responded with "wasn't it delicious?" (no, i didn't eat the boat). then i told him i was going rollerblading with some friends today (saturday) and he was talking about his wife and how she has 'rollers' (for her hair?)....but i said "oh, she rollerblades" and he said "yeah, she rollers about once a month".

this morning i headed out around11:30am with my friend and her 3 argentine friends. we had a good time and a good work out, especially in the sun. we did a couple laps around the rose garden in our 'rollers' and then traded them in for a bike. (10 pesos per hour ($2.60) my body didn't hurt from the 'rollers' but they hurt my feet. another argentine showed up (friend of the friends) and i decided not to start out in english, just to go for it in spanish, so i just spoke with her in spanish. again, i'm sure i didn't say everything correct but i was able to have a real conversation with her. turns out she's a salsa dancer so we're planning on going out tuesday. "delicious!"


Anquises said...

"Delicious" tiene dos acepciones según el Webster:

1 : affording great pleasure : delightful
2 : appealing to one of the bodily senses especially of taste or smell

[En español "delicioso" tiene también un significado relacionado con el gusto, y otro con el placer en general. Lo mismo pasa con la palabra "rico/a": una comida es rica (sabrosa), una chica es rica (bonita, ancantadora)]

yillabean said...

delicious! thanks for the comment.