Thursday, January 15, 2009

party crasher

last night i was invited to an american friend's party where there were promises of tocos, hot sauce and Argentines. How can I say no to that?

I looked on the map as to where exactly she lives. eh, it was kind of far, but walkable. Before going to the party I stopped into my nearby Chinese grocery store to buy 2 liters of Corona and a lime. I was shocked that a Corona is double the price of Stella Artois beer. 1 liter of Corona was 10 pesos ($2.60). Sure, I agree it's way cheap for the states, but compared to a 5 peso Stella. hum.

When I found the street i was looking for I started to look at the house numbers....then the number I was looking for didn't exist! crap. now what? i never programmed my friend's number into my cell. i'm too far from my apartment to go back, i'm already late. so i just paced back and forth trying to figure it out.

there was a guy in a suit and tie and he was holding a bottle of wine waiting to be buzzed up. i asked in spanish if this was the address and who's party was he going to. he was kind to help me look. than another guy from his party came down to let him in and he tried to help me too. then we started to speak english. they invited me up to their party to check my email for my friends phone number.

normally....i would never ever go up to some strange man's apartment...ever. but they were obviously attending a party, they were dressed well and the building was very nice, so i went to their party with them. as the host opened the door he looked surprised that the guys brought a girl but then they explained.

so i checked my email at their party and found that i had the address wrong and i found my friend's phone number. one of the guys walked me back down.

i made it to my party safely after crashing another.


love,gidget said...

i stumbled onto your blog and just have to say i la la loves it!!!

yillabean said...

thank you!!