Wednesday, January 14, 2009

in the newspaper

tuesday, january 13, 2008
tonight i went to a free play in the park with some friends. we had a small picnic again with some beer.

a strange guy kept bothering us for beer and a lighter. it was obvious he was lighting up some marijuana, right in the middle of the crowd and in a very public place. i asked the two argentines we were with if smoking pot in public was ok. their answer was "it's illegal, but it's ok". i guess like jaywalking in the states?

after the play, we stayed in the park talking. it was a beautiful night. i was so so happy that i could follow the conversation between the argentines. i didn't follow word for word, but i knew what they were talking about. just understanding something is a huge success for me. before, when i heard spanish, if i didn't understand anything within 2 min, i would zone out. now i'm able to pay attention and follow a bit.

after a while a nicely dressed woman approached us. she asked if she could ask questions about the play. the argentines went first and gave their opinion, then she looked at me. I just said in spanish that I didn't speak much spanish, she asked where we (my friend and i) were from. when we told her and she said something to the effect like "great". i thought the woman was a person from the theater collecting feedback.

i didn't really follow the play, but I heard some familiar words here and there.

After she walked away, i realized she was from the newspaper!! oh crap! what i said to her sounded so ridiculous!

in spanish i said something like " yo no entende todo pero entende mas que una pelicula." In english "I didn't understand all of it but I understood more than I can understand a movie".

i said this silly line because i wanted her to know that the actors spoke clearly... because i thought she was from the theater.

ohhh, i'm so embarrassed. I hope she doesn't quote me.

(photo below: the play took place next to the planetarium.)

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