Monday, January 26, 2009

my swimsuit

i'm happy with my decision to buy the argentine swimsuit. however, i wish that i would not chosen the 'conservative' argentine suit. (i can't believe i'm writing this)

our first day on the beach my american eyes were amazed at how many girls butts were not contained within a suit, most were not even slightly covered. i originally thought argentine suits for women were somewhere between a thong and the american suit. they're actually more like a thong than somewhere in between.

for the first day i kept thinking how strange but by the end of the second day i really warmed up to the style and found it cute and 'normal'.

so, i should have just gone for it and bought the 'almost' thong rather than the grandma argentine suit.

** sorry guys, i couldn't bring myself to take photos of womens bottoms. i wouldn't want it done to me.

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Nancy said...

Thank you from women all over the world for not taking our photos!