Thursday, January 22, 2009

A+ kind of day

My first student of the day was very handsome. Can I say that? eh, sure I can. So, it was a good start to the day. Anyway... since it was my first time meeting him we just talked about anything that came up; work, vacations, skiing in both the U.S. and Argentina and the beach in Argentina.

My second student, who I met with last week, was the one that told me that American's 'eat their words'. So for him I planned a listening activity. In the P.A. book that Moira gave me, there was a small excerpt about the size of Philadelphia. I read the first paragraph at regular pace and then we broke it down, going over the paragraph line by line, then I read it again at regular pace. In the two paragraphs that we went over, there were many large numbers mentioned (456, 783, 298). Large numbers are usually more difficult to understand (for me in Spanish and for my student). The activity went very well.

My third student canceled on me; he had too much work.

My fourth student was in another office building that was also in another neighborhood, but it was walkable. So, since I had an hour and a half between classes I walked over early, sat, and took in some sunshine.
(photo below: The Puerto Madero neighborhood. It's a more modern part of the city that is located over a canal. There are apartments and parks here, but many offices too)
My fourth student was also new for me, so we just got to know one another and talk about the same things as my first student of the day; work, vacations, food. It went well also.

After I was finished tutoring I went to go get tutored myself. I took the subte to meet my tutor at "Abasto Shopping" (a mall). I'm not a mall person, but this mall was awesome. We sat upstairs in the food court and that was beautiful... yes, a foot court at the mall was beautiful. It was really nice, with nice table and an old beautiful ceiling.

(photo below: Get out! They have a "McDonalds Kosher"? No fair. They should have a "McDonalds Vegetarian' too!)
It was a good lesson. We went over some more pronouns (direct object and indirect object). Instead of writing them down (which I'm good at since I'm a visual learner) my tutor said an English sentence and I translated out loud. For example: "Did you tell them what I told you?" Literally translated I have to say something like "To them you tell what you I told?" It was good repeat practice for me; I feel like I'm getting better.

I would give today an A+

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