Thursday, January 8, 2009

salsa fix

this week i've been trying to go to bed early since i'm enrolled in a spanish class, but when a friend mentioned salsa, all my self discipline went straight out the window.

"where? - i'd have to take a taxi" "what time? - be there 12:30am". In the states I would leave the club at 12:30am and then feel like a rebel on a work night for doing so. People in the states would ask how I'd do it. "Salsa nap". So to me, going out at 12:30am.....all i can say is wow.

So, I called a cab at 12:15am and they had a driver here within minutes. A taxi to the club was 12 pesos ($3.50), a return cab was 14 pesos (not sure why). Entry fee was 10 pesos ($2.60). It was worth each savored peso.

I forgot just how much I'm in love with salsa. All those mushy feelings came rushing back as I strapped on my shoes. There was a permanent smile on my face the entire evening. Oh how I love salsa...the music, the dance, the energy, the 2-3 min connection with no words and no commitment, the embrace, the rush of not knowing if my feet can turn that fast and not knowing if i will be able to respond quick enough to the slight turn of the mans had that signals when to turn or which way to move, but somehow it alwas does.

however, i do miss my familiar salseros at home. the salseros that i could just easily slip into their kind, safe embrace and then easily be spun around knowing their moves and their style of dancing.

I didn't realize how out of shape I've become. After just two songs in a row my heart was racing. Before leaving the states I could go 5-6 songs straight before my heart wanted to jump out of my chest.

There were a couple fun dancers out last night. One guy was a dancing machine. If he didn't have a woman to dance with, he just danced by himself; he was good too. Than around 2am he pulled his guy friend out of a chair to dance with him. They were so cute to watch. The weren't gay, they were just having a good time, being silly but looking good dancing. They just had to be Argentine, dancing together like that. Why do I think this? Well, when you greet someone you know in Bs.As. you give them a kiss on the cheek. Guy to guy also. There is something so cute about watching two attractive, very straight, and masculine men showing affection for one another and feeling comfortable doing so. The man kiss still makes me smile. It's endearing.

I think I may make Wednesday my salsa fix night.


Alice said...

Hi Yillabean, what a suprise to see that I am in the photo you used for your blog entry. It's quite flattering, but this is a commercial photo that is copyrighted, so not quite OK to use it without even asking. A link to the website that you took it from would be greatly appreciated:

yillabean said...

my apologies.

Alice said...

Hey, thanks a bunch for the link! I appreciate it...