Thursday, January 29, 2009

i'm not a waitress i teach english

as normal, i didn't get my teaching schedule for today until late last night. my boss called me, spoke quickly then had to hang up and then called back to tell me who i was meeting with today. i didn't write it down because i wasn't at home, also the first 2 students were at the same company, so i thought, like normal, they'd come and find me in the conference room.

i met with the cute guy from last week. he's cute in a nerdy shy, polite way. i talked with him a little longer than an hour because he told me the next student i was to meet with had to cancel.

when i finished meeting with him i had a text from my boss that i couldn't read so i called her. i told her the second student (a lady) canceled. she told me that i was suppose to meet with another guy, not a lady.

so, she was frustrated with me because i didn't remember what she told me over the phone in a hurry rather than putting it in an email or text to me. i told her for the next time i need it in writing. she said "it's the culture here, you just need to remember". this doesn't sit well with me.

i've never been a waitress because my short memory is virtually nonexistent, i work best when writing things down, even when i'm studying i need to physically write it down. humph, anyway...

i ran back upstairs (i was still in the building) to meet with the second student. to my surprise the he was cuter than the first. very cute, with clear blue eyes and dark blond curly hair. but, i think he's too cute... as in he knows he's cute.

oh i'm terrible grading my students on their looks rather than their skill. good think i don't give out grades right?

i had some free time between classes, so i sat at a cafe and studied. i had two empanadas and a water (13 pesos / $3.75)

i met with another student at a different company. he was late in coming down to the lobby to get me so we didn't start class until 1:45. he was nice; older and married.
(photo below: old building that i walked past 4 times today. poor drought ridden grass)
After class, I walked back to the subte. I should just take the bus, it's probably easier / less walking, but it's nice weather so i like to walk. i prefer subte anyway; it's not a guessing game as to when i should get off. i arrived back to my apartment around 3:30. i made a salad and watched it rain for a couple of min. it smelled sooooo good after it rained. i believe b.a. is going through a drought. the grass in all the parks is brown.

back on the subte for my 7:00pm class in the same area that i just came from.

back at my apartment. i was going to get a drink with my argentine friend, but she had to cancel.

(photo below: waiting for my subte; 4 times today. prices rose two weeks ago from 0.90 pesos to 1.10 pesos)

*I haven't written lately about how much things cost....

money spent today
1.10 pesos for the subway
13 pesos for lunch (2 empanadas and a water)
1.10 pesos for the subway home
2 pesos for a head of lettuce, strawberries and a tomato
1.10 pesos for the subway back for another class
1.10 pesos for the subway home
3.20 pesos for a beer at the grocery store
9.50 for fresh pasta at the grocery store that will last me 3 days
26 pesos ($7.50)

* my veggies actually cost 2.90 pesos, but i didn't want to part with my coins so i acted like an argentine and said i didn't have any. the veggie stand guy didn't have anything either and i didn't have 4 pesos (which i would have gladly given him without wanting change.) so he gave me my veggies to me for 2. this it typical. i'm surprised he didn't make me buy more veggies until i reached 5 pesos.

money earned today
4 students x 26 pesos = 104 pesos ($30)

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krebiz said...

the memory of reading about the bus system STILL makes me anxious for you, when you talk of using it. whatever facility you develop with it will probably impress me until the day i die LOL.

I'm all for adapting to the culture of a place, but yeah... i mean, i can go upstairs to get something at home, and make 3 trips up and down the steps because i keep forgetting what it was i wanted once i got to the 2nd floor.

i'd be dead in the water with your job.

but i was a good waitress. go figure