Wednesday, January 28, 2009

small talk

this week i meet with a student for one hour each day. he's taking grammar lessons from my boss, then has 1 hour conversational english with me.

when i first met him on monday i didn't have anything planned; just the normal 'get to know you' conversation. i also wanted to see why he wants to learn english and what he would like to improve.

he wants to learn english because he want to visit the states and drive across the country. also when his children are grown he'd like to live in the states for one year.

during our first conversation he asked me ' how old are you?' and 'are you catholic?'.

so, for tuesday i planned a lesson around 'small talk' in the states (what you can and can not say upon first meeting someone).

i've found that i don't have to plan too much, a little goes a far way because half way through our lesson we got on the topic of his aspirations of where he wants to take his company.

(photos below: taken on my walk to and from meeting my student in the downtown area known as Micro Centro)
(photo below: the red/pink building is the presidents house)


Janet said...

Haha. I get asked the same thing too except instead of 'are you catholic' its a more general 'do you goto church?'

krebiz said...

well, it depends where in the US he goes... in the Bible belt, that's probably a perfectly acceptable question :) hehe