Tuesday, January 13, 2009

rejoining the technological society

Monday January 12, 2009
I've gone 50 days with out a cell phone. Wow! What a feat.

After 3 weeks of cell phone issues I have a cell phone with an Argentine phone number!

Now I have to figure out how to work the dang thing. I'm keeping it in Spanish, so I feel like an 82 year old trying to figure out the Tivo.

The 3 week history of my cell phone and why it's been challenging...3 weeks ago an Argentine bought a cell phone for me with a plan (you get a bill and pay every month). At that time I paid 100 pesos for the phone (about $30). There were issues with the cell phone company and I didn't get a phone number right away, but no body (Argentine friend) was telling me anything about it. I sent emails but they went without a reply for almost a week and a half. Once I saw the Argentine friend I said that I no longer wanted to the plan (the plan is suppose to be cheaper if you use the cell a lot. generally speaking people don't use their cell phones like they do in the u.s.. people are more conscience of how expensive calls can be. the plan would have been 65 pesos a month. two of my friends use calling cards (which are programmed into the cell) and they only spend 20-30 pesos a month.) So, I asked the Argentine friend to cancel the plan, because the plan was in his name, not mine because I don't have an Argentine DNI (a social security number). After having so much trouble with getting him to help, I didn't want to be tied to him. To cancel the plan cost 150 pesos.
So, Monday I went to a 'Moviestar' (name of cell phone company) customer service center (which is only open from 10am-6pm and not on weekends. That is not customer service, people!). However, I stood in line for a just couple min. I spoke a mix of Spanish and English with the first woman. She put my name into the system. I told her I needed a SIM card and a new phone number and that I wanted to go pre-pay (pay with calling cards). I then only waited 2 min and a man helped me set up the cell phone. 12 pesos for a SIM card and Argentine phone number. This was quick and painless.

Then I went to a 'kiosko' (a convenience store) to buy a calling card that I program into the cell phone (30 pesos). I have no idea how I programed the calling card into the phone, but I did it.

I have rejoined the technological society!

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