Wednesday, January 21, 2009

working with a blindfold on

When I arrived home this afternoon, around 4pm, the woman who I have been working for sent me an email asking me to teach FOUR students tomorrow morning! Sure sure, I want to work, but, jeeze lady.... thanks for the notice. Again she didn't give me any information on what I should teach, or what level the students are at or what the students need to work on improving (writing skills, listening skills, speaking skills...)

Sure.....I told her I would teach, I want to. It's just that I feel bad for the students that I don't have anything planned. So, I ran out and bought a sad sad excuse for an English newspaper, rubbish is what it was, rubbish that cost me 2.50 pesos. The paper was so thin I had to ask if there was more. Once I got the paper home and read it, I only found it was filled with words that I would never use in conversation...or just simply never use. For example: divisive, enjoined and mustachioed! MUSTACHIOED?? Who says that!! Well, must say, now "Mustachioed" is my new favorite word, but seriously! Who says that? ok, here I'll use it in a sentence "I'm glad Nick isn't mustachioed any more, he looks more handsome now".

Ok, so the paper was written by a bunch of Brits and their fancy-pants English. It's just that the first 3 students tomorrow, I know, need to learn U.S. English because they have conference calls with their U.S. office. (I'm familiar with their company)

I wanted to read something written by a North American because I am told that we "eat our words". Here's an example of what they mean. Say the word "address". Now say the word "web address". Did you do it? Did you first say "ah-dress" and then said "webah-dress"? Did you eat some syllables in there?

Ok, so back to me freaking out..... After I was perturbed by the Brit-paper I remembered that I brought ONE magazine from the states. (bad planning on my part). BUT it's a Women's Health Magazine (thank you Katie).....BUT I have four MEN students!!! I can't read a women's issues magazine with Argentine men??

So I run to my room hoping the magazine has just some appropriate articles to read when I caught a glimpse of a book I brought with me. My friend Moira must have anticipated that she would save my butt by buying me a book all about Pennsylvania. I opened it to find normal, everyday words. Perfect!

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