Saturday, January 17, 2009

my argentine swimsuit

so i did it! i bought an argentine swimsuit today!

yesterday i went to try some suits on, but nothing looked good on me. i was feeling fat yesterday, maybe it had something to do with all the chocolate i ate?

anyway, this afternoon i went to try on some more. i really wanted the cute black and white suit with skulls and crossbones (seriously), but i'm not a teenager so i opted for a dark purple suit. i was surprised that dark purple looked good with my light skin tone.

it's a cute suit and not too too much of the butt is missing. probably just 2-3 more inches of my butt shows than in my american suit. 100 pesos ($29)

(photo below: common billboard that i've seen around. it's an advert.for a travel company. since this type of bottom for swimsuits are common, i guess it's not a big deal? i can't imagine this advert. in the u.s.)

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